Bearded Theory 2013 Excellent weekend with pictures here


Bearded Theory 2012 review in efestivals included the following gem:

“Saturday morning kicked off with The Bearded Theory Horse Trials. We arrived in time for the aftermath (typical), and the ‘horses’ leaving to go back to the paddock but it looked great and there was plenty of horseplay as they made their way past the kids.

Sunday morning’s display by The Red Barrows was stunning: Death defying feats of bravery by a barrow wielding troupe of nutters all ‘flying’ in tight formation and performing stunts.”


Links to our supporters

  • Doro and Theresa for assisting with all that needs creating

Ian Daisley Photography – thanks for the great photography

K and K Fire – thanks for the fire extinguishers

Breasley Foam – thanks for the horses’ heads!

Twiggs – thanks for the steel and all the bits and bobs


Bearded Theory Festival – the best festival in the UK

Bonsall Village

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