Since 2009, the commitment and enthusiasm of the band of merry men and women who make up our Red Barrows Team has helped establish three routines. Logo
We use well known formations inspired by the Red Arrows alongside those inspired by the best use of available ramps and as much loud music as we can cram in.

We have kept the opportunity to get kids involved at the end of both routines,having invested heavily in waterbombs and cannons.

In 2013 the Barrows were updated with the Red Royale from the Walsall Wheelbarrow Company, with superior handling and agility the new Barrow is allowing us to begin to add further mischief.





Our routines include

Routine 1076

Diamonds are Forever
The Flight of Bumblebee
The Archers
Ace of Spades
Start Wars
The Dambusters and Great Escape

In developing our second routine we have managed to introduce pyrotechnics and ballet – which of course make it remarkably safe

Routine 2

Z6361 Thro Ring

Ride a White Swan
Whole Lotta Rosie
The Bolero
The Green Hornet
The Ring of Fire
The Dambusters and Great Escape

Please see the gallery for more clips and photos from these displays

If you want to see Routine 3 you will have to catch us in 2014

We also have a special Wedding Routine as well – but you will need to get married



  1. You guys rule! I would give anything to be in the Barrows. I currently have about two pounds fifty in savings, Will that be enough?

  2. Andie Brazewell

    Dave…are you willing to defend our island…whatever the cost may be!!

  3. Glad we have the Red Barrows to defend our village and indeed our whole country. We’ll keep the home fires burning for you chaps.

  4. New season upon us now – more pilots welcome

    Confirmed dates for the Barrows appearing at

    Breaston Carnival

    Bearded Theory

    Cars in the Park

    The Royal Wedding

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