B16402 (2) Horse pictureIn 2011 The Horse Trials were launched at Bonsall Carnival. Since then the horses and their riders have managed to cause mischief at various events. With the help of young people  (who are good with animals) as their trainers, the horses and their riders are put through their paces.

B16262 (2) horses

The trainers lead their horses through the dressage events, walking trotting and cantering. Following this the riders show their skills with a Piaffe, where they trot on the spot. This skill was originally used in battle to keep the horse focused, warm, and moving, ready to move forward. Extraordinarily the Bonsall riders and their horses then go onto demonstrate the Mexican Piaffe and Edith Piaffe.

The dressage event is then followed by a little show jumping. Mostly successful over the jumps, this prepares the horses and their riders for the final event – the very cross country steeple chase including the water jump (where safety regs permit).

The Trainer with the first horse past the post is presented with a trophy to record their triumph.

Here is the very cross steeple chase from Breaston Carnival

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