Celebrating and excellent 10th year airborne in the sun (and rain if needed).

The Red Barrows were once again opening the Saturday and Sunday mischief at Bearded Theory Festival in front of the main stage – with outstanding audience participation and support from Robert Plant’s roadies in the background!

The rest of the season is looking excellent with future dates

Horsely Woodhouse Carnival – 14th July

Bonsall Carnival – our 10th Anniversary gig – 28th July

Thornbridge Beer Festival at Bakewell Showground – We are on Saturday 18th August

Tickety Tonk and DWATN


Welcome to 2017 and currently we are getting ready for Bearded Theory – with glorious weather expected

Our dates so far confirmed

Bearded Theory we are performing on Sat 27th May and Sunday 28th May  

Surprise appearance on the TV in June at some point 

Ambergate Carnival – 8th July 2017 More details on Facebook

Preston Military Show, Fulwood Barracks – 16 September 2017 More details on Facebook

A very kind review has been posted about our mischief at Bearded Theory last year from Festival Kids

Looking forward ot the year ahead 

Have a good one wherever you are

The Red Barrows are getting ready for the 2016 Season with new routines and new pilots

Dates so far confirmed

28th and 29th May         Bearded Theory Festival

11th June                        Rugely Charter Fair

16th July                         Pilsley Village Fair

30th July                         Bonsall Carnival


Other dates are being considered and will be confirmed shortly

The website is being updated and wiill be completed in the next couple of weeks


Our Squadron are pleased to announce the following confirmed outings this year so far

16th May Ashbourne Funday – with Giant Waterslide

21st -24th May Bearded Theory Festival

We will be opening in front of the main stage on the Saturday and Sunday – our 4th year at the best UK festival


18th July Birchover Carnival

More dates to follow soon Logo

Always a challenge to follow our efforts at RAF Scampton, this year we created a routine that recruited unsuspecting members of the audience to join the display “It’s a Rock Out”

Bearded Theory

UB40 and the Stranglers were our support this year as we continued to fly the flag. In spite of Somme like conditions, our Saturday performance allowed squadron members to show off their adverse weather flying skills, Sunday was simply mud although our new routine still took off and was enjoyed by 6 kids and their unsuspecting adults, enlisted as new recruits.


BT14 IRO victims ready


BT14 IRO splatt









Lichfield – Cars in the Park

10447402_10152399461096492_4339488333371809623_n Flyin IsaacOur second sortie to this famous city and second biggest car festival in the UK was once again brilliantly hot – as were we! The spectators were amazed by the new lightweight barrows and that the pilots, flying “full canopy” could this year hear our soundtrack.










Pilsley Village Fete

A short flight up the Derwent Valley from RAF Bonsall brought us to this lovely village in the grounds of Chatsworth House. Performing on the village green, in front of 100’s of spectators on another beautiful summers day, we were all surprised to see the medals adorning the upper torso of one of our pilots, as were most of the audience. Despite certain requests for such lack of attire at future shows, we’ve tossed a coin and it wont be happening again – too much fainting!

Bonsall Carnival

At our home airbase, on yet another hot day we managed to thank all our supporters, friends and family by soaring to new heights with our performance on the day, helped perhaps by the mess tent being only 2 yards from the performance area and barrows being the method of transport home.

Matt’s 40th at the Miners Standard Winster

Our first night sortie, although not planned as such, we managed to find each other in the dusky conditions and perhaps pulled off our best performance to date – (on the basis no one could see us – ed?). Flying between Caravans and their BBQs again allowed us to display a versatility in all adverse operational conditions. What a fantastic end to another season.


We were invited to provide some lunchtime entertainment at the Families Day at RAF Scampton.

What a day it turned out to be – meeting the Arrows, feeling the earth shake with the displays and receiving a magnificent reception from all the families and crew present.

A full write up and new page have now been uploaded to celebrate the day.


Royal Air Force Scampton Families Day


On 31st August we joined in the fun at Tom and Leanne’s wedding providing after dinner entertainment for the guests at the reception. A special addition of “I want to break free” and “White Wedding” replaced the usual finale as for some reason there were concerns about the usual application of water bombs onto any children present. A fantastic afternoon and excellent evening festivities followed. A selection to photos to be added.

In scorchin’ sun we managed a brill follow up to Lichfield Cars in the Park last week with a brill performance at Birchover Carnival – All four smoke Cannisters worked,  Greg was fab through the ring and Mike on the mike – well words fail to capture his natural talent for the big stage. Will we all continue to live up to his introductions.

Preparation now under way for the Royal Wedding on 31st August and shortly to be followed up by a trip over to RAF Scampton for their family day (Home of the Red Arrows).

Arrows Vs Barrows- who will triumph? (And we will let them ride in ours if they let us ride in theirs!!!!!)

As the Romans would have said “Candescat periculosa” – Prize for the first translation……

Time now to collect the photos and post them from the outings this year.

Bearded Theory 2013 a great success with the Barrows flying high and Knights Jousting with great audience participation and no more holes in Sir Tom! Glad to hear that the Barrows soundtrack was described as “……..deafening” on Main Stage.

Breaston Gala saw the Barrows kick off their season in brilliant sunshine and suitable numbers of wet children by the end.

Still sorting out pictures of recent events and have finally managed to add the twitter feed. Hooray

Looking forward to Long Eaton in June

TTFN Smokybear

Wow our first Jousting display completed successfully with significant drama. Full write up soon with pictures

Big thanks to the heroes of the day Tom and Mike – and the lovely ambulance crew members

Loadsa good feedback – thanks to all